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Lender selection is the most important decision you will make when obtaining a mortgage. Loan type or program will also be an important factor in meeting your overall financial objectives. Communication will be a key factor as well as costs for the loan, and the interest rates that are offered. Let’s discuss these in a bit more detail.

Lender Selection

When making a Lender selection there are a couple items you want to understand. How long has the company been in Business? Are they a Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Company or just a BIG BANK? A Mortgage Broker will take your loan application and then send your file “out” for underwriting”, meaning they lose all control of your mortgage transaction. They may send your file out of state to an Underwriting Hub or to someone they have never met before.  The Mortgage Department of a big bank is just a small part of their operations and you may feel more like a number than a real person.  Good luck getting your questions answered after business hours there!. Our goal is not just to assist you with one mortgage transaction. Our goal is to earn your trust so we can assist you, your family, and friends for years to come.

Huron Valley Financial is a Mortgage Company founded in 1997. Privately owned and operated with a family oriented atmosphere.  Our IN HOUSE Underwriting Staff is well-qualified to underwrite Conventional, Rural Development, FHA, VA and specialty programs as well. We personally have relationships with our Underwriters and we all work together to get you to the Closing Table, in a timely matter.  

We as a company are very sensitive to purchase agreement contract dates, lock periods and our client timing goals. We are very competitive with our Interest Rate and Closing Cost offerings. Huron Valley Financial has its own Appraisal Management Group, Closing Department, Processing Department and Loan Servicing Department to serve our clients in the most efficient way to closing and beyond.  To learn more about the Vic Bals Team, please click here for more information.

Program or Loan Choices

Choosing a loan program and terms is the most important financial decision of the Mortgage Transaction. After reviewing your financial situation and listening to your current and future goals if may make financial sense to go with a 20 year instead of a 30 year mortgage to pay less interest and have the house paid off when you are ready to retire.  It may make sense to increase you mortgage debt to payoff other debts to free up additional money to put in a retirement account.  Maybe an FHA Mortgage is the best option for you as you are getting gift money from a family member or your credit score is lower.  If you are a Veteran a VA loan may not be the best option. USDA loans offer a $0 down option. There are many mortgage options available and we want to help you choose the option that best fits your current situation and your future goals.


We believe a Loan Officer should be available 7 days a week as this is probably one of the Biggest Financial Decisions of Your Life. We pride ourselves in World Class Communication!!  No calls or emails go unanswered. We will always respond in a timely fashion.  Our Reputation is very important to us. Please click here to view some of our Client and Realtor Testimonials regarding the service we have been providing for years.